Monday, April 27, 2009

My little thief

I put all the furry kids on a diet as they had gotten quite chunky. 2 of them are Dachshunds and added weight is not good for their little legs or backs. Everyone showed marked improvement except for Muggins. She is a miniature toy Doxie and she is blind. I could not figure out why she was not losing weight. Turns out this little ragga-muffin is quite adapt at removing the bag clips and climbing in to help herself to her own meals. I often found the bag open, but just thought someone had forgotten to close it. Let me say also it is one of those large dog food bags. I just couldn't even imagine that she would be able to finagle the top of the bag down! She now can't get at it or any of the other pet food so her weight should begin to drop. Never underestimate what a little dog can do!

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