Thursday, January 14, 2010

smart canucks "Cash Gate" update

Well it seems I got the part of the admin not knowing what was going on part wrong. I went back and re-read where I thought I had seen it, but all I see is that they wanted to un-ban me and apologize. Wishful thinking on my part maybe? lol

A question then. If my posts were so bad, which they were not, why would the ban be lifted on such a terrible person like myself and an apology given. I think it is because I am not in the wrong with the whole cash back fiasco.

I found out that quite a few people had been banned. I wonder how many others were banned during "Cash Gate" but won't come back to the site and talk about it.

Yesterday in the f there is anything you do NOT like about SmartCanucks please let me know! admin created thread, where the apology was written for me and accepted by me, all hell broke loose, like they didn't know that would happen, it is abundantly clear that there is a do as I say, not as I do situation on the forum. Being as this is really the first large forum I have been with, maybe this is the norm.
Okay, I get it now.

So... I have learned that it is best to keep my thoughts, opinions and disappoint with the way things are handled on there, off of there.
Simple.... I can do that!

I will put them here on my blog where I can't be banned or censored for this situation, or at least I don't think so, unless I piss myself off, as this is hardly important to anyone other than me, or maybe to one or two of the 100's of people that are owed money on the Smart Canucks site.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smart Canucks Story

My ban has been lifted by the site owner and main admin dude.
Seems they didn't know what was going on with the deleting of posts and bans.
So that is cool.

They wrote in a thread
I unbanned her and I would like to talk to her on messenger to personally apologize to her.

And also posting it publicly on here....

thetick, I am very sorry


I responded in the same thread
Thank you Boo for the apology and lifting my ban.

I did take exception to being accused of trolling and being personally censored and banned and I hope it has stopped. I was not the only one who was concerned with the problems of cashback, but I guess I was the one that finally threw down the gauntlet. It's my nature, it's why I stayed in the CAF for 25 years.

I think the lack of admin presence in those threads is what was really frustrating, but I think we have all learned something from this and that is a good thing. Don't for a minute think I don't know or appreciate how much time and work it is, for you and the mods running this site. I do and I thank you all.

I know that this site will continue to be one of the best.

Now off to talk to Star on FB and tell her to come back to the mothership!

They (mods and admin) have become more present on there by the looks of it and letting folks know that they are working very hard on getting all caught up in what they owe users.
So that is good.

Being able to read all my friends posts..........priceless!!!

Star, you rock baby!!! I am back posting and reading in P&P, please come back, I know the girls will really miss you, and I would really really miss reading you in there. See you in PS later today I will give you such a stroking your happiness level meter is going to explode!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Major problems with the Smart Canucks website

They have, or I should say now, had, a cash back system. They finally shut it down a few days ago. They encouraged users to click through the links when shopping as then the stores paid them and in turn Smart Canucks agreed to pay us a small %.

Well they have not. They refuse to acknowledge users emails, ticket inquires and users were unable to cash out.

Hundreds of posts about the problems began. I posted a few, less than 10 in a 6 month period, most were responses to questions, some were questions to the admin people of the site.

I myself have been trying to cash out since Nov 2009.

Then a real bully started pulling my posts and sending me PM's telling me to stop it.

When there was outcry that the admin owner was ignoring everyone's concern I posted this on 1 Dec 2009

---Quote (Originally by thetick)---
ARE YOU KIDDING, you can not be serious about Boo just ignoring this. I assume there are all kinds of legalities involved in the cashback set up and with all the companies that pay SC for OUR purchases.

If you are no longer involved in it, what the heck is personally sending you a PM about cashback going to accomplish? Or can you do something to speed it along or get Boo to respond to the members on this forum? If so, then I say go for it, why wait, folks have been waiting long enough.

Boo should address peoples' concerns. Simple as that. Post something !!! Tell us that because of all the problems, or lack of help, or whatever, that your expectations to get things resolved and answer peoples' emails, will take weeks/months longer than anticipated.

Honestly, if we don't hear anything back on our requests, tickets, emails, we SHOULD start to call company reps and lodge formal complaints. I am sure all the companies paying money to SC for OUR purchases would be surprised to find out what is going on here.

I will give you my time line, I will give SC until the 31st of January 2010 to take care of me personally. I have stopped using the SC cashback system and will continue to do so until they get this whole mess sorted out. I do not think I am being unreasonable.
---End Quote---

sally888 removed it. No one else posts, only mine. She said because I was threatening. Standing up for what was promised to us a threat?? As far as I was, and still am concerned, their cashback program is a binding contract. If it changed, should the users not be informed?? I would have done my shopping through Airmiles.

When I questioned sally888 when she deleted my post this is what was sent.

1 Dec 2009
This is the message that was sent:
I soft deleted your posts, as I was instructed to do so with threatening posts.

If you read the thread in cashback Im asking people to stop being so negative, I have taken over getting this mess sorted out and the negativity really needs to stop so I can move on and get this dealt with.

Threatening to call businesses and the BBB will not get you any further ahead with my organizing this situation.

If you have emailed Boo with your transactions etc they should of been forwarded to me in a mass email this weekend. I AM WORKING ON THIS. I offered to help Boo from the goodness of my heart. Your cooperation would be apreciated.

I told her there was nothing threatening, that I was merely giving them MY deadline and a heads up to what I would do to try and find out what was going on.

This is the message that she sent:

Well I was directed to remove any posts like that. I'm sorry.

Btw, if you called the stores they'd be clueless on what rebate your speaking of, its Sc who decides to share the revenue not the stores. The stores give us the money and its up to us what we do with it.

If you havent already forwarded your stuff to Boo forward it to me at xxxx@xxxxxx.xx

I do understand your fustrations thats why Im stepping in to get everything on track.


I replied that I was more than willing to wait till Jan 31 2010, and appreciated that she was working on it, but that along with me, many of us were frustrated that Boo (the admin dude) was ignoring everyone's concerns.

she sent this

This is the message that was sent:

I know its fustrating. I don't know why he avoided it. Many he was so overwhelmed. Cashback is a lot of work, being this far behind is super scary even to me because I know how hard it is when your behind. When I first took over cashback it was like this as well.
If you havent heard back in a few weeks email me. I don't know whos emails whos right now.

I am just waiting on a few more files from Boo then I can get my hands dirty.


So yesterday again folks are asking about the cash back I responded to a few
and this is the PM I got

You have received a new private message at Flyers, Deals Canada from Sally888, entitled "please stop".

trolling about cashback, im working on it.
I was yet again singled out. I am assuming that she has probably deleted my posts, but I don't know because this is what I saw when I went to the the site last evening.

The above picture reads
"You have been banned for the following reason:
stop trolling about cashback,posting personal messages I sent you is really mean, Im working on cashback now just stop trolling and creating rumours

Date the ban will be lifted: Mon, Jan 25th, 2010, 07:00 PM"

So now I am mad. I sent this email to the admin guy that is ignoring the entire situation this morning.

date Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 7:05 AM
subjectsally888 power trip & cashback

Not sure if you realize this, but because I answered a question about cashback on a thread, and made a couple of comments in response to others on the P&P thread, that sally888 has banned me for "trolling".

I did not lie in those comments. Your site still owes me money. Because of her actions prior to this in 2009, I have been keeping copies of all the PM's she has sent me and always keep copies of the threads I post to because she has a tendency to censer me and delete my posts.

I really don't know the legalities of all this and new laws are being made about the web all the time, but I am going to talk to a lawyer, the television network that originally talked about SC, any newspaper that will listen and CBC Marketplace.

Sad that your sites' "self designated bouncer" decided to do this to a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Military. I spent my life serving Canada and Nato, I will not tolerate being treated this way. I am retired with nothing but time on my hands now, so I hope it won't interfere too much with your schooling.

All you had to do was answer my emails about cashback, or paypal me the money I was owed, but she decided to bully the wrong person.
I also thought it fair to forward that email it to sally888 with an added note to her

Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 8:30 AM
subjectFwd: sally888 power trip & cashback

Sally888, Because what I say in private or PM I would also say in public, I thought I would forward this to you as well .

I sent this to XXXX this morning. I am thoroughly appalled at how you have seemed to single ME out. There are many many users saying more than I have and I was either answering or responding to someone else. I hardly think a few posts is trolling, but I guess you are enjoying the power trip this seems to give you. I suggest you read the email I sent to XXXX.

I own a blog, on which I will start to air all this, I twitter and have aleady been mentioning this on Facebook.

I hope you are ready to make this very very public, I certainly am.

So this is where it sits now. I have not yet heard from either of them, but I wouldn't be surprised not to, and fully expect to see a permanent ban from the site.

Now the sum of money I am owed isn't that large, $33.96 plus 2 outstanding tickets, one for AVON FROM AUG 30 where I spent $86.96 and one for TOYS R US FROM SEP 9
where I spent $182.98, so a small percentage of these totals would be owed.

For me, it's not only the money I am owed, but also for the way in which this has been and continues to be handled. I am on a fixed income now, less than $14,000 CDN a year. I have bills to pay, a mortgage, insurance payments, groceries to buy and so on. Could I use this little bit of cash, you bet!

Anyway, just wanted to get this ongoing saga out there, maybe a legal person will see it, or a news person, and take a closer look into what is going on and if any of us really have any rights when we join an group.

I will update when I hear more.