Saturday, June 12, 2010

okay another "edited" post by sally888

"After reading your sladerous posts on your blog about me I really truly beg to differ. You game needs to stop, its quite disturbing and sladerous. You know sometimes I get mad about things or feel "ripped" off but I would never create an entire blog centered around slandering and hurting people.

No I dont need a response back or a war from you, I just have been really disturbed and have felt personally threatened in my real life since I came across it months back.

Sometimes its just not worth revenge or hurting people imo."

Personally threatened?? Are you kidding?? You'd think I had threatened her physically. This is not in away revenge, nor am I hurting anyone. Trust me, this is also not a game. This is an accounting of my personal dealings with the smartcanuks forum. I keep it here on my blog so that my friends can read it and in case I need it, all the information in one spot for legal reasons.

I served my country for 25 years in the CAF, I spent many tours peacekeeping with NATO fighting for the rights of those too afraid or unable to fight for themselves. You want to see someone that does not back off, it's me. Until every one that is owed by smartcanucks I will keep this blog going. I really hope a newspaper or TV station reads it, takes an interest and contacts me, because I do love to chat and am a stickler for detail.

How preposterous her posts are becoming. I think she's pissed that she just can't bully me like she has so many others on there.


  1. I really hope that she takes a pill. Wishing you get paid soon! Thanks for all of your hard work & courage to keep us safe:)

  2. If you're looking for a media contact, try Ellen Roseman (

  3. Boo need her as people that will volunteer their life, for free, to work on someone else's business are few and far between (kinda pathetic when you think about it!). He just doesn't see she's destroyed his site with her power tripping bullying

  4. Surprise surprise Alex boo Radley, smartcanucks owner/queen's university grad student paid *one* person after posting everyone would be paid before the end of July, then posting he was working on envelopes and going that night to buy gift cards to mail.

    Funny he can log on multiple times a day to read the posts but can't respond to anyone. Compulsive lair imho.