Sunday, June 13, 2010

An update got an answer from Boo

Got a PM this morning from Boo:
" Hi,

Your blog was brought to my attention and I found it very interesting and enjoyable to read

I just want to point out that I did not mean to cheat you in any way or not give you anything I owe you. So can you please let me know how much I owe you and I will make sure you get it asap.

I really enjoy your blog though so please don't stop writing even after the issue is resolved.. it's good to know how members think about SC so that I can work on improving it. My only concern would be hurting the moderators' feelings who are not to blame at all about this gifts mess... I am the one to blame.

Alex "

I just replied

"Hi Alex,
The amount would be around $40.00 I think.
I was at $33.96 and had 2 more purchases that never showed up: AVON FROM AUG 30 for $86.96 and TOYS R US FROM SEP 9 for $182.98
Ticket numbers # 75 AND #72
My PayPal email address is:

SC ID thetick ID xxxx

Thanks in advance "

Will update when I have more.

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