Sunday, June 13, 2010


always amazed that people can read something, it's in print, on line, hell you can copy and paste, but still somehow only see what they want to. Case in point:
itsjustmebub posted this about my blog

"your can update your blog - but really - honestly who blogs about how much they hate SC and how much SC sucks and then posts a link to their blog in their signature ...
my word.

Glad you got your $.
I am "biting my tongue" so much right now it's ridiculous."

I replied with this cause it baffles me that they see things that aren't even written here "never said that I hate SC or that it sucks you should learn to read"

I say un-bite it! If you want to voice your opinion on something you were in no way involved with, go for it, it's your right. I just wish you would not accuse me of writing something when clearly I did not.

I have no idea who you even are, this is the first posts of yours I have ever seen and no doubt the last.


  1. I dislike the fact that SC blocks other sites from posting deals.

    My website groceryalerts dot ca has been blocked by them.

    I wanted to post some grocery deals that they did not have but they obviously don't understand that they have every deal in Canada.

    I am not a fan of the forum (too cluttered and too much power given to moderators).

    I feel your pain!

  2. Just signed up on twitter and for email alerts! Thanks!

  3. Watch out sally888 is on a power tripping rampage again! I bet shes pale and sickly looking in real life, she mustn't ever leave her "job" at her computer "running" smartcanucks. Poor girl.

    Funny you can see Boo logs on multiple times a day but hasn't had a word to say in weeks after "committing" AGAIN to pay what he owes.