Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comments left regarding Smart Canucks promises made

June 30 Alex Radley

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd update you on the gifts/money owing status.

We got a few good advertisers over the past couple of months so I am happy to announce that I will finally be able to payout ALL pending gifts and money as of July 1st.

Amberlab will however be busy because she's expecting a new baby so I will take care of sending out the gifts. If however you already contacted Amberlab you do not need to contact me. Your name is on the queue and we did not forget about you!

So here's my plan:

I'll get paid around June 28th but will most likely be camping on Canada Day (although I want to see the Queen at Parliament Hill so not sure what I'll do yet). Either way I'll be free starting from July 5th and will start mailing out the gifts that week. My plan is to pay out everything in July to bring SmartCanucks' balance back to $0.

I apologize for the delays in sending out your gifts/money. I have been running SC with a negative budget for a while now and it's really frustrating. I'm glad I'll be finally hitting the $0 mark next month

[followed by huge long (incomplete) list of usernames owed]


same thread, July 22 Alex Radley

Update July 22, 2010:
Amberlab emailed me the updated list. I am preparing the envelopes as I type this. Will buy necessary items tonight and things will be mailed out within next few days.

[editors note - not one person has reported receiving anything from this]

Aug 4 Alex Radley

Cashback - What to do if you need the money urgently
I've been very slowly paying out the cashback owing, as much as I can afford every month.

If you need your cashback urgently and can't wait for my slow pace please send an email to smartcanucks at gmail dot com
with the following:
- transactions owing
- total owing
- paypal

Anonymous's comments: ONE person, always very supportive of the site, claimed to be paid after emailing him that night. Many others have claimed to contact him many times including that night with no response.

Sally keeps claiming how hes paying people, but won't say who, and not one other person has said they have received payment? Apparently someone is on a previously unknown "priority list" according to Sally, yet she has not been paid.

Alex "Boo" Radley has had no comment since Aug 4, though clearly logs on every day.

We are still wondering what happened between having the money to pay EVERYONE owed Jun 30 - July 22 when he was preparing envelopes as he typed and going THAT NIGHT to buy gift cards to Aug 4 when he had the money to (maybe?) pay one person?

Where did the money go, that he's known he owed people for 1 year+ and promised to take care of many times? He went on a trip to Ottawa and camping and then there is no more money to pay what he owes hmmmm?


My thoughts on this:
And this is how it continues to go. Do they try and find out the sponsors/advertisers and get their attention to the ongoing problems? I don't know for sure. The downside of this may be the end of Smart Canucks, which I would hate to see since otherwise it is a fantastic site. My biggest beef is that Alex will not be honest and just tell the truth, if he has no money TELL THEM. People respond a lot better to the truth then to lies.

The reason the bulldog is still there and is allowed to unleash however she wants, on whoever she wants, she got him out of a previous legal problem. So it seems these broken promises may not be unfamiliar waters he seems to find himself in? Just sayin'

It could also be that people have been paid and gotten gifts and prizes owed, but have not shared this with anyone else?


  1. Bulldog? Legal Battle? Get your head on right you spiteful woman.

  2. Yep, I was told this quite a while ago by someone who works with him on SC.

  3. Agreed if Boo/Alex would just tell the truth, many people would be a lot more understanding. By lying, members get angrier every time they are misled. This whole situation is unfortunate. I used to really like smart canucks, but as of now, I trust a car salesman more.

  4. Perhaps he needs to learn to
    1. Pay bills first.
    2. Pay self second.

    Thats the first rules of business

  5. The thing I can't understand is why Alex had to be so greedy in the first place. The premise behind the cashback is that *both* parties benefit. If he had paid out the amounts promised on time, members would have spent a lot more, thus benefiting Alex as well. I think he would have made a lot more than the amounts that he's kept to himself so far. Now that his credibility is basically zero, so goes any chances of him successfully bringing back this program with the full trust of the membership.

  6. I really hope someone exposes this story to the media.

  7. there is no story other then a lame retired women whos decided to stalk sc. Whoever is telling you your info is wrong. Those "worth" sites aren't correct lmao. They just guess what he makes thats all. If you hate sc that much why visit it? I know why, so you have something to complain about! Got to get your kicks somehow

  8. Oh there are a lot of lame women terrorizing SC users alright, most are employed by SC and paid by SC. Sorry to burst your bubble cause the info is not incorrect. I actually only visit 1 thread to get P&P words and make the odd siggie, so if you don't add a link to offer proof I have no way of knowing if what you write is real or just more of your tripe

  9. More long time members banned, at this rate it won't be long until psycho sally is just lording over a handful of old coots bragging about who got the most glade candles free lmao. Of course she can still cut and paste their posts on to the blog at $2 a pop lol

  10. Funny she says "lame retired woman', when shes a 30 year old woman who sits at home all day every day "running" smartcanucks so alex can make money. Talk about lame!

  11. better get this started up again, looks like there are still a bunch of people who are owed money and are being ignored.

  12. WOW Boo posted today...but not on his "I Promise the cashback will all be paid by the end of June thread". Completely ignored the "still haven't got it" posts there going unanswered. Wanna bet the money he gave ashling to send out has run out so she's disappeared so she doesn't have to respond about it?

    No time to respond there, but he did have time to ream out some long time members for being concerned some newb posted instructions on how to scam a company. Go figure. Boo has some seriously messed up priorities.

  13. Funny how he clamps down on those who are trying to protect the integrity of the site by calling out fraudulent behavior. Any wonder why the site has a reputation of condoning misuse and scams?

  14. now he's hosting new contests meanwhile there are still many members waiting to be paid for previous ones.