Monday, August 23, 2010

what Smart Canucks is worth

So I call bull shit. Why can't he pay what he's promised to the users who have made this so profitable for him?? Because he is a liar and by the looks of it, a cheat. Oh and FYI this is not his only web site he is also involved with:,,



  2. Ha! That flyercoupons site offers to pay people that post. Sure hope no on is holding their breath for payment!

    and no surprise to see

    "I just read your posting... did you receive any feedback from the administrator?

    I mailed him twice,but...nothing. I hoped that, at least, this posting would receive any relevant reply from him.

    It is frustrating, because I really have a lot to post, but I prefer to have a certain feedback and not doing that for free."

  3. uh oh the natives are getting restless. Ashling is gone, Boo posting a lot but ignoring the pleas for a response on the cash back. Amberlab returned now promising to fix it...but isn't she the one who made all the false promises before?

    Meanwhile drama is running wild among the coupon ladies. Endless debate over whether its wrong (duh!!) to steal coupons off products you aren't buying or photo copy 110 copies of a coupon and use them all. People leaving, people coming back, boo lecturing the "bullies" to stop calling out the fraudsters. Oh dear quite the mess these days.

  4. Oh wow they went and deleted the whole cash back thread. Good luck every seeing your money if you didn't already get it!

  5. and that's how the story goes. they do that every so often to pare down the list of payables. and yet he's hosting new contests even though there are still many waiting to be paid.

  6. Has itsjustmebub left the building? Oh dear, hope it isn't another one who had a falling out with the bulldog. It does provide the day's laugh every time I see the bulldog claiming she doesn't have time for something. Haha, can't let anything get in the way of spending all day every day furiously refreshing SC forums!