Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smart Canucks Story

My ban has been lifted by the site owner and main admin dude.
Seems they didn't know what was going on with the deleting of posts and bans.
So that is cool.

They wrote in a thread
I unbanned her and I would like to talk to her on messenger to personally apologize to her.

And also posting it publicly on here....

thetick, I am very sorry


I responded in the same thread
Thank you Boo for the apology and lifting my ban.

I did take exception to being accused of trolling and being personally censored and banned and I hope it has stopped. I was not the only one who was concerned with the problems of cashback, but I guess I was the one that finally threw down the gauntlet. It's my nature, it's why I stayed in the CAF for 25 years.

I think the lack of admin presence in those threads is what was really frustrating, but I think we have all learned something from this and that is a good thing. Don't for a minute think I don't know or appreciate how much time and work it is, for you and the mods running this site. I do and I thank you all.

I know that this site will continue to be one of the best.

Now off to talk to Star on FB and tell her to come back to the mothership!

They (mods and admin) have become more present on there by the looks of it and letting folks know that they are working very hard on getting all caught up in what they owe users.
So that is good.

Being able to read all my friends posts..........priceless!!!

Star, you rock baby!!! I am back posting and reading in P&P, please come back, I know the girls will really miss you, and I would really really miss reading you in there. See you in PS later today I will give you such a stroking your happiness level meter is going to explode!!