Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a post that I want to keep

I really need to update the continuing bull shit fest.
Smartcanucks owner Alex posted this today Jun 11 2010:

"Hi everyone!

I thought I'd update you on the gifts/money owing status.

We got a few good advertisers over the past couple of months so I am happy to announce that I will finally be able to payout ALL pending gifts and money as of July 1st.

Amberlab will however be busy because she's expecting a new baby so I will take care of sending out the gifts. If however you already contacted Amberlab you do not need to contact me. Your name is on the queue and we did not forget about you!

So here's my plan:

I'll get paid around June 28th but will most likely be camping on Canada Day (although I want to see the Queen at Parliament Hill so not sure what I'll do yet). Either way I'll be free starting from July 5th and will start mailing out the gifts that week. My plan is to pay out everything in July to bring SmartCanucks' balance back to $0.

I apologize for the delays in sending out your gifts/money. I have been running SC with a negative budget for a while now and it's really frustrating. I'm glad I'll be finally hitting the $0 mark next month"

Blah blah blah... he wants everyone to believe that they are going to start paying people they owe, sending gifts they owe, yeah they still held contests and shit, I don't believe Alex. This has been going on since before last August for many, Aug 2009 for me. Some of those members have since been banned or quit, they were just so fed up. I think it posted for the advertisers and to keep members,the ones not aware of the ongoing saga, from started to question them.

So they have new advertisers. Guess that is why they deleted all the negative posts about them lying to members, ignoring questions and emails.

I just posted this, but I don't expect it to stay up there long. They tend to try and keep me quiet, the whole reason I started keeping it here on my blog.

"What about us from last year who had to email all our cashback inquires and missing tickets to you and then when you bailed we had to then send everything to sally888?
By the way neither she or you have yet answered any of my emails this year, this has been ongoing since last August. Or are you just BS'ing again to keep the masses pacified? You can delete this post as I am sure you will, but I have already made a copy so that I can update my blog. It's really overdo."

And so the waiting begins again.